A magical, beautiful, and nude hermaphroditic clown is always cause for concern. Everyone standing around noticed, but there was not a sound. The unspoken consensus amongst the three was tension, waiting to snap, waiting for the first move. The man and woman were not wholly frightened, but they were cautious, knowing what could lie in store for them.

Outside that day, in the cold, near the bay, it was dark. It was as bright as twilight during the midday because the magic in the air was so dense it oppressed the atmosphere. The ruins of the recently collapsed building smoked gently around them, evidence of a catastrophe that would never be adequately explained by future generations.

Two versus one. It was a standoff, a stalemate, a pause.

The Clown, in its own artistic fashion, displayed a dazzlingly beautiful smile for the couple it faced. If it were anyone else besides the man with the revolver and the woman with the compass, then they would have died by the sight, sucked into the neverything.

Hammerspace, as the nature of such a thing goes, is a wild grab bag of opportunity. Facing one who can reach into the hammerspace, however, is amongst the most dangerous of all situations. So, you can see, when The Clown swung one arm back into it and retrieved something, it was most definitely serious.

The object was a balloon that The Clown had produced, and with a short chuckle, it began to blow it up. Not waiting to find out the purpose for such a thing, the woman sprinted for the ship, her long legs taking her very quickly.

The man drew his weapon and prepared for battle. He knew it would not take long, whichever way the event would transpire, so he took a moment to rub a smudge off of the barrel.

The Clown twisted the balloon into the shape of a Tommy Gun. It test fired the weapon in the direction of a large chunk of devastated building, blowing it into small chunks of devastated building. Satisfied, and a bit surprised, it giggled and turned on The Cowboy. When it was finished with him, it would track down and destroy The Captain, and it planned to enjoy every minute of it.


One Response to Theus-Prologue

  1. richlayers says:

    I like it a lot, although I’m not sure about the capital “The”s. It could work though.

    I think that opening sentence is very effective at grabbing the reader with a “What?! I have to know what this is all about….”

    I also like getting inside the man’s head for a moment there, and that sensory detail about cleaning the barrel.

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