Haiku Feb2010

Across cobble streets,

I’m smoking my corn cob pipe

reflecting a bit.


The river shimmers

as I walk beside the bank,

listening for you.


Even the days pass

while I’m stuck here in this cell.

I wish I were dead.


Scratch paper goodies

they do mean a lot to me

but I am not vain


If ten men attacked

they should be frightened of me.

But not twenty men…


The light, it burns hot.

It melts through my very soul…

and makes daisies grow!


Epic power orb…

Shine your light on me, won’t you?

Promise I’ll be good.


One Response to Haiku Feb2010

  1. Rachel says:

    “But not twenty men…” still cracks me up.

    In that last one — are you promising the sun you’ll be good if it shines?? 🙂

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