Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance


Nameless Man – He is in his early to mid thirties, smokes heavily, drinks regularly, works on and off. He spends a great deal of time just thinking, whether he is depressed or happy, it’s hard to tell due to his somewhat introverted nature. Things in his life are coming to a head, and he’s searching for a few answers amongst a sea of questions that have been haunting him lately.

Sheep Man – He is a man dressed as a sheep, and has been a past acquaintance of the Man, though they haven’t seen each other in quite some time. He seems to have some kind of influence over the Man’s life, though is getting older and sickly. He may be frightening at first, but he is possibly the most trustworthy person the Man has ever met.

(Man enters room, it is dirty, cluttered, filled with books and random objects. There is a single short table, with a lone candle. The air is musty and damp, yet the room is quite chilled. It is deserted. The man has a wide look on his face, as if he’s taking it in, as if it is very familiar, and there is an air of excitement in his step. Things are coming together for him.)

Voice – Been waiting for you. Been waiting for ages. Come on in.

Man – (Sits down to face the voice, the Sheep Man.)

Sheep Man – Been a long time. Let’s us see… you thinner, or what?

Man – Yeah, I might have lost some weight.

Sheep Man – So tell us, what’s the world outside? We don’t get much news, not in here.

Man – There isn’t much worth mentioning. It’s all the same, getting more complicated. Everything’s speeding up. (pause) No. Nothing’s really new.

Sheep man – Next war hasn’t begun yet, I take it?

Man – (pause, wondering when the last war was) Not yet.

(Camera pans across the Sheep Man. He is tired, worn, and exhausted. He’s growing old, waiting for such a long time.)

Sheep Man – Thought you’d get here sooner.

Man – I always thought I would come back, I guess. I knew I had to, but I didn’t have it together. I dreamed about the Dolphin Hotel. Dreamed about it all the time, but it took a while to make up my mind to come back.

Sheep – Tried to put it out of your mind?

Man – I guess so, yes. I… wanted a life completely dissociated from this place.

Sheep – Because your friend died?

Man – (Without pause, but not too quick. Merely an honest answer.)Yes.

Sheep – But you came back.

Man – Yes, I came back. I tried to forget about it, but then something would pop up. Something that would make me remember, something that would make me sort of know that I belonged here. (pause) What is this place anyway?

Sheep – Fraid we don’t know much. It’s big and dark. All we know is this room. Beyond here, we don’t know. About time you found your way here, way we see it anyway. If you weren’t coming back here, this place wouldn’t exist. (He wrings his hands together)

Man – (Contemplates)

Sheep – Don’t worry, you really are part of here. Really. Always have been, always will be. Starts here, ends here. It’s tied to everything.

Man – Everything?

Sheep – Everything. Things you lost. Things you’re gonna lose. Everything.

Man – Heh, this seems so strange. Amazing, really. It doesn’t even feel real.

Sheep – Oh it’s real. And we’re really here. We been waiting for you. We made arrangements. We thought of everything, so you could reconnect with everyone.

Man – (Stares into the candle) I don’t get it. Why would you go to all the trouble for me?

Sheep – This is you world. Don’t think too hard about it. It is special, and we worked special hard to get you back here, to keep things from falling apart. To keep you from forgetting.

Man – So I really am part of something here?

Sheep – Course. Everybody’s all in here, together. This is your world.

Man – So who are you? And what are you doing here?

Sheep – (Smiling proudly, showing just a hint of some kind of energy he once had) We are the Sheep Man. Can’t you tell? We wear the sheep skin and live in a world humans can’t see. We were chased into the woods. Long time ago. Can hardly remember what we were before, but in any case, we been keeping out of sight since then. Easy to do if that’s what you want. Then we came here. The woods got wild animals, know what we mean?

Man – (Half disbelief) Sure.

Sheep – We connect things, like a switchboard. That’s what we do. Here’s the knot, we tie it. We don’t want things to get lost, so we tie the knot. Get it?

Man – Sort of.

Sheep – So now you need us, else you wouldn’t be here. You lost your way, you got confused. But there’s where it all ties together.

Man – You’re probably right. (Gets up, half ranting, venting his frustrations about his life)As you say, I’ve lost and I’m lost, and I’m confused. I’m not anchored to anything. Here’s the only place I feel like I belong to. (A pause as he looks at his hands) But the other thing… the person I hear crying in my dreams, is there a connection here? I think I can feel it. I think I want to pick up where I left off, years ago. That must be what I need you here for.

Sheep – (Silent. He was looking at the man while he spoke, then with the last line, his face slowly dips toward the candle, his expression unreadable. After a few tense moments of awkward silence, he looks up to the man, and matches his gaze.) We’ll do what we can. Though, we’re getting on in years. Hope we still got the stuff in us, hehehe. No promises you’ll be happy. We just can’t say. In that other world, might not be any place anymore. No place for you. You’re not so young yourself either.

Man – So where does that leave me?

Sheep – You lost lots of things. Not anybody’s fault, but each time you lost something, you dropped a whole string of things with it. Why’d you have to go and do that?

Man – I don’t know…

Sheep – Your fate, or something like it.

Man – Tendencies.

Sheep – You got tendencies. Even if you did it all over again, you’d do just what you did.

Man – Yes, but where does that leave me, now?

Sheep – Like we said, we’ll do what we can. Try to reconnect you.

Man – So what do I have to do?

Sheep – (A short pause, and light smirk, then, quietly) Dance. (More pause, a shot of both characters, hanging on the word.) You gotta dance as long as the music plays. You gotta dance. Don’t even think why. Start to think, your feet stop. Your feet stop, we get stuck. We get stuck, YOU are stuck. So don’t pay any mind, no matter how dumb. You gotta keep the step. Gotta limber up. Gotta loosen what you bolted down. We know you’re tired and scared, happens to everyone. Just don’t let your feet stop.

Man – Dance. As long as the music plays.

Sheep – Dancing is everything. Dance like your life depended on it. Wish we could explain things better. Dance, don’t think, dance. Dancing is everything. You gotta dance. (a pause) You better go. Stay here, you’ll freeze.

Man – (Stands, bows, or starts to, then stops short) Goodbye (he says curtly, not polite nor impolite, merely an exchange of words.)

Sheep – Goodbye. Remember. You gotta dance.

(Door shuts behind the man as he proceeds out into the darkness.)



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