Pokemon – Chapter 12

Snaps and Tiko were killers by nature. I suppose all Pokemon are, or, at least, trainers make them so.

We trained all day, making our way toward Violet City. I only encountered one crazy bug trainer, and moved on as quickly as he approached me. It almost bothered me how numb I had become to the carnage in such a short amount of time. Almost.

By afternoon, I made it to Dark Cave. Original name, I know. They call it Dark Cave because it is relatively dark inside. Who knew?

“Hi!” called a man. He was standing near the entrance, shading  himself under a tree, petting a boulder.

“Hello,” I replied. “How are you?”

“I’m great. I just caught this Pokemon in the Dark Cave. I’m going to train it to take on the Violet City Gym leader.”

“Oh really? You’re doing the Badge Challenge too?”

“Yup. I’m thinking strategy, so I figured that catching a rock type would be good for facing the flying gym.”

That got me thinking. Maybe it would be in my best interest to catch another Pokemon. Though I wasn’t sure that a big rock was going to do me any good.

“And you caught that…thing, in there?” I gestured to the Dark Cave entrance.

“Yup. But it’s really dark in there. You’ll have a hard time seeing unless you can light it up.”

“Uh huh. Well, thanks for the info.”

I decided to check it out. Sure enough, it was dark in the Dark Cave. I couldn’t see anything beyond the bit of light that spilled in through the entrance. Rubble littered the floor. I heard the squeaking of Zubats. Freaky little things. I didn’t want to run into them.

It was too dark to do anything, and I was less interested in spelunking than getting to a nice warm bed before nightfall.

But as I turned to go, something happened.

A rock grumbled at me.

“What the…”

By the dim light, I could just make out the shape of the boulder. I soon realized that this particular rock had eyes and arms.

Snaps jumped out in front of me, taking in the brunt of a harsh tackle.

I pulled out my PokeDex and pointed it at the boulder.

“Geodude,” it said.

So the guy outside wasn’t crazy after all. He caught a Geodude.

“Snaps, tackle it right back.”

Snaps was tough, as evidenced by the way the Geodude flew backwards, smacking into the wall of the cave with a dull thud. This caused the Geodude to retreat into itself, like some kind of defensive curl.

“Hit it one more time,” I commanded, and Snaps did so.

I pulled out a Pokeball, throwing it at the stone creature.

It occurred to me that this was my first unassisted catch, or would be, if I was successful.

The Pokeball struck the Geodude, then opened up, transforming the rock into a glowing plasma. It collected inside the Pokeball, which shut and fell to the ground. It twitched, 2, 3 times, then beeped in success. My trainer card beeped, and so did my PokeDex.

I might actually be a Pokemon trainer after all, I realized. I’m catching Pokemon, battling trainers, traveling the country–but it seems so easy…

I picked up the Pokeball and released the Geodude, then read the information on the PokeDex. Turns out, the GeoDUDE was more of a GeoGIRL.

“Female, huh? You’d think someone would have the foresight to name a species without a fixed gender association.”

The Geodude grumbled, as if to agree.

“You will be called Quartza,” I said. This registered on my equipment, and Quartza made something like a smile on her face.

“Quartza, I’m going to keep you in your Pokeball until we can get to a Pokemon Center. Rest up.”

When that was all said and done, I left the cave, waiting a few moments outside to let my eyes adjust to the bright sun.

“Well, Snaps. Shall we be off?”

He saluted me. I laughed.

Though we walked for several hours, we didn’t make it to Violet City. I camped out at the edge of a pond, able to see the glow of city lights, but unable to travel that distance within a reasonable amount of time. There was a valley to cross, rife with thick grass and trees, probably infested with Pokemon trainers–it was in my best interest to wait out the night.

Snaps played in the water for a few minutes, then curled up near the fire when I went to sleep.


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