Pokemon – Chapter 21

Two men were yelling at one another just ahead of us. I shushed Huff’n’puff, and we hid behind a tree. The rain had just let up and I hoped our footsteps hadn’t been heard. I had a bad feeling about this.

“You can’t do this!” yelled one man, a balding, older person. He was so angry, a vein bulged from his head.

“And who are you to stop us? Hm? I’m a member of Team Rocket. You don’t fuck with us!”

“Team Rocket doesn’t exist,” claimed the

Dude declares himself a member of team rocket. SAys they broke up for awhile and got back together to pursue Giovanni’s ambition. He punches the townsperson in the face before standing guard at the town well.

Gold asks him what’s up, and the rocket guy claims to be protecting travelers from the danger of the well.

Gold goes into town, visits the Pokemon Center. He doesn’t want to deal with the Team Rocket stuff, so he tries to go to the Gym. A Rocket member blocks the door, advertising slowpoketails.

So Gold tries to go see Kurt about making some pokeballs out of apricorns. After all, he has 1 yellow, three green, three pink, and two black. Finds one white in Kurt’s yard. Takes it anyway.

Kurt refuses to make Pokeballs for Gold. He tells Gold about Team Rocket–an evil gang that uses Pokemon for their dirty work. They were supposed to have disbanded ten years ago, but now they’re mutilating Slowpoke for their tails! Kurt brandishes a katana and vows to give them a lesson in pain. Then he dashes out of the home.

Gold returns to the well, finding nothing but a bloody patch where the guard had been only an hour before.


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