Pokemon – Chapter 20

To recount every minute detail of the next day and a half would be excruciating and unnecessary. I wouldn’t say it was an uneventful trip, only that it was mundane in the life of a Pokemon Trainer.

On day 1, I caught a Mareep. He was awesome and put up a great fight. Since I was some distance away from the Pokemon Center and didn’t want to use up my potions all on day one, I caught it with a Heal Ball. I named him Amps, and we did a lot of training that day.

But here’s the breakdown of Pokemon I killed on the way to Union Cave.

Rattata – 6

Zubat – 1

Bellsprout – 3

Nidoran male – 1 – Tough battle with Snaps

Nidoran female – 1

Mareep – 7

Poliwag – 2

Magikarp – 4

Goldeen – 1

Wooper – 1 – Tough battle for Snaps and Tiko

Pidgey – 2

Spearow – 1

Total: 30

The battles were all pretty easy–even against other trainers. The exceptions, of course, were with a male Nidoran, who gave Snaps hell (that bubble attack wasn’t cutting it.) and a Wooper, who soaked up the bubbles and spat them back out at Tiko.

Early on the second day, after a good rest, I caught a Hoppip. I had to use my one Great Ball since it kept using synthesis to heal itself. Great survival tactic on her part, but terrible when I’m trying to weaken her enough to catch her. I dunno why, but the nickname, “Huff’n’puff” seemed appropriate. She was cute. Whenever she followed me around outside her Pokeball, she would chirp and squeal at everything. Very chatty, very adorable.

Sometime in the afternoon, we reached a Pokemon Center just outside Union Cave. A waved to a fat guy in a pink shirt who had set up a little stand outside. The wave was meant to be friendly yet non-inviting, but he approached me anyway.

“Hey, kid!”



“Can I interest you in a Slowpoke Tail? They’re super delicious!”

“Sure, whatever,” I said, not believing it could actually be a Slowpoke Tail. “How much?”

“Only a million pokedollars.”

“No, really,” I said, feeling the twinge of hunger and realizing that I’d never tried Slowpoke before. “How much? I’ll take one.”

I pulled out my Trainer card. It buzzed–insufficient funds.

“Seriously? A million dollars? No one can afford that.”

“I don’t set the price,” he said. “And I was told you kids were loaded these days.”

“You aren’t from around here, are you?”

“Sorry. I’m from Kanto. Culture shock.” He threw up his arms in mock theatrics.

I nodded, frustrated that I’d have to wait in line for food at the looming Pokemon Center. At least there it would be free.


The next day, my trip through Union Cave, was a bit more exciting. I only caught one Pokemon, a Sandshrew I named Ricardo, but two of my Pokemon evolved. Snaps evolved into Wartortle and grew some fangs. Badass, right? He learned how to use bite, and I was tempted to go back and find a Wooper, just to reestablish my place in the food chain.

Amps evolved too–into a Flaafy. He lost some of his staticky yellow wool, but learned how to stand up on two legs. When he learned thundershock, things were really looking up.

Union Cave was pretty cool. It was well-lit, mostly by light that trickled in from above. A man who was practicing fire-breathing claimed to be the one casting all the light, but I seriously doubt it.

The path was clear and I found a few lost potions and balls and whatnot lying around the place.

So, an overview:

I killed:

Sandshrew – 6

Onix – 3

Vulpix – 1

Zubat – 1

Geodude – 6

Machop – 1

Koffing – 2

Slowpoke – 1

Rattata – 1

Note that the Slowpoke was owned by a trainer, so I couldn’t very well cut off its tail and have a taste. I emerged from the cave to a huge field of grass, but it was raining pretty hard. That made training Huff’n’puff harder since synthesis didn’t seem to work as well when it was cloudy. Still, it was a successful day, and Huff’n’puff really came a long way. She started quivering with poison spores when I sent her into battle against the Rattata. I knew that would come in handy someday. She was proud of herself for learning it, too, as evidenced by the heightened chattering, the squeals of interest in whatever she saw on the landscape, and how she started to nudge me forward; she was begging for more adventure.

As the day came to a close, we saw the lights of Azalea Town filter through the treetops. Soon, we’d have a nice warm place to sleep and a new gym to face. I was excited, and so was Huff’n’puff.

However, when we climbed the last little hill into the town, we happened upon an altercation.


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