The Dark Tower Graphic Novels

So I just finished The Long Road Home, a graphic novel about Roland and company. It fills in a little blank between Roland’s time in Mejis and before he gets home to Gilead.

I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that I was pretty disappointed. Mostly in the writing. Stephen King was just the creative director. These other guys, Peter David, Robin Furth, and Richard Isanove, they didn’t… it was just… man, they put in a good effort, but none of the characters felt like they came from Mid-World. Sure, Cuthbert cracks a joke here and there, which is the kind of guy he is, but only once or twice does he say something that is really Cuthberty. Alain, the shyer, quieter friend, won’t shut up, reciting his inner monologue every chance he gets. Then there’s the narrator, who is mostly a caricature of King’s narrator from the books. All the narrator does is pump out every little Dark Tower phrase and colloquialism he could find.

I think the biggest problem I had was with the conclusion. For anyone who has read the series, you know how Roland changes after his experience with Mejis, Susan, and his mother? Like, it was pretty clear that Roland goes through a lot there and that’s the reason his personality is so effected. The Long Road Home kinda throws that out the window and adds in an event after Mejis that… yeah, it was kinda neat, helped give the reader some insight into Roland’s semi-mystical ability to not ever be surprised by anything, but it downplays the REAL reason Roland changes. I didn’t like that.

However, it was really cool that they shed some light on what happened to Sheemie and if you ever thought the Dogan may be holding some secrets not yet revealed, you’ll be pleasantly, and horrifically, surprised.

Dark Tower 4.5 just came out. I have the book on my nightstand, but I’m waiting to finish Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume first, which is pretty awesome so far.


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