Book recommendation from me who is good at such things

Sex at Dawn

This is important reading for everyone and should, in my opinion, be the backbone for all sexual education, both in the classroom and at home.

I bought this book shortly after deciding that my major goal in life (aside from being an author) is to be a sex therapist. I specifically want to work on sexual dysfunction within relationships. Reading this book has made me even more interested in the field and I think that, having read this first, I have a good idea of the mainstream challenges I will face going into it, both from academics and the eventual patients themselves. I’m ready to face this head-on and start sharing the good word that sex is awesome, healthy, and taken way too seriously in a negative context.

Please consider reading whether you have all the answers or have a billion questions. It is informative, funny, and sad toward the end when it goes into the history of some of the most oppressive crusades since the actual crusades.


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