Oh time and goals

I’m not a fan of wasting time. I think every moment has a use towards something if we can recognize it.

Consider a day of intimacy with a loved one. Sure, you may not get all of that ebay stock moved, but you just got a bajillion experience points towards your lovemaking skills. The same goes for a day spent hiking in the woods, or even a day at work– the contribution of time goes towards something every day.

I have trouble pulling myself away from things that I’m really interested in if I want to apply my time to other experiences, and lately, I’ve been struggling to make time for things that are probably really important towards my eventual overall satisfaction with life.


I love writing, well, most of the time at least. There are times when I just feel like things are just too overwhelming and I’ll never figure it out, but they don’t last long before something comes up and allows me to work through it. Someday, I will be a famous author.

Right after I stop putting all my XP into facebook and reddit.

Which, actually, has mostly been accomplished as of this post. I went through a phase a few months ago when reddit was all I did after work and in the hour between making dinner and going to work. I even had reddit bookmarked on my phone so I could check it when I woke up.

I don’t think it was a waste of time. Even now, when I occasionally lose an hour browsing the top 100, I don’t feel the time is wasted. I end up getting a lot of news in a very short period of time, and I’m instantly up to date on the world’s news. Plus, you know, lolcats and porn… which takes up more of the top links than any world news… and I don’t often read beyond the headline… maybe I’m not retaining as much as I think?

Which I know I’m not, because Rachel sometimes asks me, “What’s new on reddit these days?” and I say, “uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh….” cause I don’t know. “Boobs and there was the turtle humping a soccer ball.”

Facebook, before reddit, was my go to time suck. It never took up as much time as reddit has, but I would go through and read all the most recent news, I would play Mafia Wars or Bejeweled Blitz or Scrabble, and comment on some pictures– whatever. Unlike reddit, though, I never felt like I was really keeping anything for the time spent there.

Sure, I could tell which of my friends were going through stress, or who was celebrating something without me, but most people don’t post everything that goes on from day to day. At least, my friends don’t, and if they do, they are on the ignore list. So, now I spend maybe ten minutes a day on facebook if I’m really distracted by it.

Pokemon. That’s the current habit, and the one that was able to help me see the waste of reddit and facebook. Yeah, I don’t actually get to keep a pokemon at my side (Can I tell you how much I would love an Eevee? They’re too cute to handle.) nor is there much bragging right to the statement, “I caught a Mincinno yesterday.”


But, and this is a good but, I get to play with Rachel. We recently bought two DSi systems and both Pokemon Black and White, each of us with one to play. It’s been awesome, trading each other the species that don’t show up in one or the other, and helping one another construct a team that can smash the upcoming gym leaders. I totally traded away my Emolga so Rachel can clean house at the flying gym.


My time is currently invested in a mutual-interest relationship with Rachel. We talk strategy, preferences, plans, trades, all that, and sure, my book isn’t getting written very fast, but my marriage is growing steadily.

I went for a walk this morning to try and get away from the games and go write in the park, but I was attacked by bees, ants, and a cockroach. I got three paragraphs along before I decided to walk home.

As soon as I finish the game, I’m sure my interest will wane, but where will it point itself next? Reddit again? Fallout 3? The Castle by Franz Kafka? (not likely. That’s a tough book to get through) Or something else entirely? Who knows?

I figure I’ll just go with the flow but dig an irrigation ditch here and there to contain said flow into some long-term goals as well as allowing my short-term entertainment.


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