Before Bed

Sometimes when I get the urge to write, I am inspired by nothing more than a single word or even a single conceptual circumstance. Everything running through my head gets distilled and whatever seed of an idea is left gets turned into something completely unlike the original inspiration.

So, at church last week, I wrote a few haiku that came from things in the service, but none of them are religious. Enjoy.


Reckless treachery

Ninety Miles per hour

ends with a gunshot.


Finger walking lines

arpeggio; three note burst

my hands are so sore


He is leaving us.

Stealing away with the voice,

we will miss his style.


Critically ill.

What can we pray for their life?

Consequences all.


Peer over shoulder,

reading all the liner notes,

“Hey, that’s depressing.”


There is no justice,

no beauty or ugliness.

Existential? Damn…


2 Responses to Before Bed

  1. gizzardgulpe says:

    I lied. Praying for the ill in church led me to that bizarre haiku about praying. So it’s religious, in a way.

  2. Joe Carter says:

    I like the first two quite a lot.

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