For Christmas, my girlfriend gave me a two pack of Moleskine notebooks to keep in my pocket while I’m at work and play and wherever else the glory of inspiration may hit and I need to write it down to remember.

So I had this one and I really worked it over, filling all but two or three pages. The cover started to fray and fall apart, so I glued it back together. The first page has my name and address and, the most important part, a reward for returning it.

It went missing about a month ago, near as I can tell. With the novel taking up all of my focus trying to just finish it so I could go back and finish the little things (and big things) that need fixed, I didn’t make any effort to find it. Now it must be long gone, cause I have no idea where it may have disappeared to. Didn’t get washed, isn’t in any pockets or uniforms, not in the bathroom or car…

Probably in the X dimension where I psychically teleported it in a subconscious attempt to sabotage the book.

My favorite notebook
The one with all of my notes
It has gone missing…



One Response to Handwriting

  1. Joe Carter says:

    You really had a reward notice written in it? Someone’s probably using all your ideas to write a novel and you’r gonna see it on bookshelves soon.

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