Video Game Poetry?

My brother told me a story about a college professor who gave his students a choice at the beginning of the year. I forget the details, but they could either choose to do a few super high quality projects, or do a great deal of low quality projects over the course of the course.

He found that when it came time to review the grades, the students that submitted more quantity actually ended up with more quality work at the end of the year than the students that chose to focus on quality alone.

Since then, I have adopted a quantity mindset in writing. Even if I have no ideas and barely want to pick up my pen, I think, “Just write a haiku. Quick and easy.”

That’s why I write so many haiku. They’re ridiculously simple, yet lend themselves well to punchlines for humor, and require no extra thought on rhyming schemes and rhythm.

One night, at work, I thought up two or three video-game-inspired haiku, and today I expanded them into a themed series. Here is part one of the Zelda haiku series:

Courage, deep within.
Keeping you ready for risk,
facing challenges.
Exuding Power.
Crumbling all resistance
into naught but dust.
And warming Wisdom,
clever solutions abound;
work around danger.
Tis the Triforce, Link!
In your hand, you hold the third:
Courage. Heroics.
Ganondorf? Power.
His fearsome might can conquer
our peaceful Hyrule.
Princess Zelda,
The wise beauty in our land…
Cannot hold her own…

2 Responses to Video Game Poetry?

  1. gizzardgulpe says:

    For once, I wish Zelda would save Link. How sexist is it to make her the so-called “wise” one who can’t think to save her own ass?

  2. Rachel says:

    The Legend of Link? šŸ˜‰

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