I finished two more books to finish out the month. David Weber is a very fun author if you like space-faring adventures, which I do, and am beginning to like more and more. I guess my only major complaint is that I often forget the characters he introduces, and then they come back 100 pages later and I have no idea who he’s talking about. If it’s not the main 2 or 3 characters, I feel lost sometimes, but it’s not so bad. It’s not like he writes himself into gaping plot holes.

Anywho, the ebook/article thing is coming along. I’ve finished the intro and the first chapter. The second chapter is mostly complete, but I’ve forgotten some of the mathematical formulas that I need to explain the concept of torque. I know of some people I can ask, so I’ll go back and do some revision when I refresh my memory. Today I can probably get the rough draft first chapter up for viewing if I fix some of the problem areas. Don’t count on it though. I shouldn’t make promises like that.


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