In the back of my mind

Every once in awhile I think of an idea and go, “Man, why I haven’t I written a book about that yet?” Sometimes, I come up with the same idea every few months or years and think the same question.

Such is the case with something I realized today. You see, I’ve always been a pretty avid martial artist. I learned who Bruce Lee was when I was about 6 years old and ever since then I have found inspiration and copious amounts of awesome in the whole thing.

Later, in High School, I got my first chance to take a real Martial Arts class, and I joined a Kajukenbo club. It’s a fantastic Self Defense method and I learned invaluable things there. Since then, I’ve seen a couple schools, but never been impressed. Finally, I joined a college Karate class, partly to keep in shape, and partly to keep learning.

However, I find myself dissatisfied with the curriculum, and the perpetuation of common Martial Arts misconceptions. Misconceptions like, “When you strike your opponent, snap your hand back and bounce it off the point at which you aimed.”

When it comes to physics, allowing your hand to bounce off someone means they imparted a larger force to your hand than you did to their head/chest/stomach/etc. The opposite, however, bouncing your OPPONENT off your fist, means you imparted a greater force upon them so that the shock on their relative inertia was changed to a new vector.

Did I mention that I took a physics class at the same time as my first Martial Arts class? Yeah. So I’m thinking of putting together a five chapter ebook on the physics of fighting. Geometry, inertia, momentum, speed, strength, all will be covered as ways to improve your body mechanics and body awareness. I outlined it this morning at work, and I think I’ll type up a draft here later today after sleep.


5 Responses to In the back of my mind

  1. That actually sounds pretty cool if I do say so myself. And having never taken any sorts of martial arts and only understanding the so called esoteric or occultic sides of chi manipulation aside from the attack points and actual physics, I could greatly understand the concepts a lot better. I find it sad that most martial arts teaching these days really do not combine the spiritual or occultic chi manipulation sides. It all seems to be about brute force for the most part but maybe thats part of the misconceptions you talk about. I really look forward to seeing some of this!

  2. gizzardgulpe says:

    Actually, this ebook is planned to be 100% pure physics. Things like rotating your hips when you punch to increase your fist’s velocity, and avoiding too much hip rotation which could actually reduce your fist speed. Using centripetal force effectively. Adding torque to your punches to increase impact friction. Lining up your moving joints to increase the momentum of your fist’s vector. All of this and more will be covered. ^_^

  3. Have you ever talked about these things with Josh? I think you should if you haven’t, just so that he gets in the mind set of physics with velocity, force, etc. I think he would spend a lot of time not only thinking about it in his head but also in working to make the thoughts follow through to actual techniques and moves. Excellent ideas, really! 🙂

  4. gizzardgulpe says:

    I haven’t at length, but I’ve mentioned some things here and there when I’m teaching him. I’ll keep it in mind next time to really hammer in a few points. ^_^

  5. I was telling him about your ebook and his interest is definitely piqued.

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