Been reading more

Seems like I’ve picked up reading quite a bit these days. Not as much writing going on because of that, but it’s good to see what I’ve been missing. I just finished “On Basilisk Station” by David Weber, which is a remarkably good space opera. I say remarkably because the only space-faring adventures I’ve been able to really get into are the following:

Cowboy Bebop
On Basilisk Station

I might have to try my hand at some more differentesque sci-fi than my last attempt. I should try less to explain global warming in my stories, and just talk about warp drive and hyper space.

Speaking of, why haven’t I put my terrible novel up on the site yet? I’ll get on that for those of you that like randomly interspersed porn scenes and exploding people.


4 Responses to Been reading more

  1. richlayers says:

    Dude. I know Orson Scott Card bla bla bla ickity bleh. But you NEED to read Ender’s Game if you want good space faring sci fi. NEED.

  2. gizzardgulpe says:

    I know, I know… It’s just that… he’s such a douchenozzle! I can’t seem to get past that just yet, though every time we go to a bookstore I almost buy Ender’s Game. If you’ll just find your copy I’ll get reading it.

  3. richlayers says:

    Oh I know where it is.

  4. Joe Carter says:

    Yes we do.

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