Brainstorming a new project

If you by chance took a look at my Vague Story Ideas page, you can see my idea for the secret agent musical I was thinking of. As I roll the idea around in my head more and more, I end up with a more precise and clear vision for the project. No longer is it purely a parody of James Bond akin to Austin Powers, but it’s turned into more of a serious look at the life of an Agent, yet told in a lighthearted and hilarious way.

I realized it had to be this way when I was writing lyrics for one of the songs. It is going to be the song leading up to the final boss fight before the Bond character confronts his nemesis and stops whatever catastrophe is to happen. I need to work out kinks, and it’s hard to see how the song flows just by seeing lyrics, but take a gander to see where I’m going with this:

Just another day in the life of an agent

the villans have to pay, that much is contingent

where is the meaning in the life of the one

when the feat is always saving the world with a gun?

never please, nor thank you, no gratitude to face

I sleep with women who do anything dressed in lace

I see perception in my life change radically

when he tries to rule the world with cult mentality

adrenaline flows through my veins each time I hold a weapon

load some rounds and pull the triger at my current enemy

I feel empowered when I’m faced with certain doom

when he thinks that he may have an advantage over me

That’s as far as I got at work a while back on the lyrics. There are some major rhythm conflicts and issues with the meter and rhyme, but the point is, you can see that I came up with what I find to be an interesting personal conflict that is never explored in hero movies.

When you’ve literally saved the world, what else could you possibly do to find worth in your life? You going to save the galaxy next? The universe after that? The sense of accomplishment from working at a soup kitchen on your days off can’t possibly compare!

That’s one major issue I plan to hammer out in this story. It’s also likely going to be an opera style “every line of dialog is sung” kind of thing. It may add in another layer of possibilities for representation and symbology within the piece.

I put another vague story idea in the Vague Story Ideas section. I was thinking of giving it some thought sometime. Also, I’m working on a political essay regarding political personalities. Keep checking in for updates.


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