Two new/old stories!

Yeah, so back in 8th grade is when I began my lustrious and magnificent writing career. My teacher was… Miss… I have no clue now. I’ll think of it later. She got married late in life after all of the typical small-town rumors began that she may be a homosexual (GASP) and then she married an older dude and moved in with him. She used to be my neighbor but by then I was in high school.

In her class, we were required to write something like two short stories per academic quarter. I could not be satisfied with a mere two page story, so I wrote pretty lengthy ones, and she allowed me to write one long one to cover several short ones. I wrote maybe five stories all year, two really long ones, and three short ones. For your reading entertainment, The Trip and Chapman are now available in the “Dumb Things” section.

The Trip is a captivating journey through the mind of a thirteen year old who fantasized too much about The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon and several girls he crushed on in middle school. You might be able to say the same thing about Chapman, except it’s more about Batman and some Monty Python skits… or perhaps bits of Mel Brooks around the time I saw Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

In the future I’ll post the sequel to The Trip. I got a B- on it because the way the teacher graded weighed more heavily on proper punctuation than length or creativity. I lost lots of points for using commas incorrectly, and received no bonus points for writing the best story that school had ever seen.


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